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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

JT Lakeway Painting Company is #1 for popcorn ceiling removal in Lakeway TX. Popcorn ceiling removal is one of our most commonly requested services. This is primarily because through the 1950s till the late 1980s, this paint-on treatment on ceilings was fairly popular among households. It was used mainly to hide stains, uneven ceiling, poor workmanship, or just any other kind of ceiling defects. However, by contemporary standards, popcorn ceilings are outdated and unappealing This is especially so when dirty. And, trust us, it gets dirty fairly quickly and easily.


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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

JT Lakeway Painting Company offers professional popcorn ceiling removal services that improve the look and function of your ceiling dramatically. It is essential to not only get rid of that ‘dingy’ look but to improve the air quality of your household. This is because popcorn ceiling is a magnet for allergens, dirt, and dust particles. 

We are the most reputed, licensed, insured, and bonded local contractor for popcorn ceiling removal company for Lakeway, TX. Call us today for a free consultation or more information at (512) 975-2951!


Hire JT Lakeway Painting Company For Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

JT Lakeway Painting Company prides ourselves in being the Lakeway Texas Popcorn removal specialist. Our professional team carefully removes unsightly popcorn ceilings.  Additionally, you can choose either a modern orange peel texture or sleek drywall finish. Finally, we apply a fresh coat of paint once the ceiling texturing is completed. At JT Lakeway Painting Company, we ensure our customers get the look they desire and at a reasonable price! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed every time!

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The Top Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Many of the homes in Lakeway, TX, have popcorn ceilings. This design feature potentially interferes with your home’s overall cleanliness and appearance. See the following reasons for popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling texturing by JT Lakeway Painting Company:


Clean Your Ceiling Easily

Popcorn ceiling is known to have a ton of crevices and ridges. The uneven texture of this ceiling material makes it difficult to clean and  it traps allergens, pollutants, dust, debris, and dirt easily.  Therefore it requires more frequent cleaning of the ceiling to keep it clean. However, cleaning popcorn ceilings is a tough task, and being too harsh on it can cause the material to fall off, adding to your hassles. 

However, once you get popcorn ceiling removal Lakeway, TX, cleaning your ceiling becomes much easier! It requires less frequent cleaning as well. Hiring JT Lakeway Painting Company for popcorn ceiling removal not only makes cleaning easier, but it dramatically improves the look of your home.


Painting the Ceiling is Easier

Just like the interior and exterior walls of your home need to be freshly painted every few years, the ceiling needs a fresh coat of paint periodically. It is difficult to paint over the popcorn ceiling due to its rough texture and presence of tiny ridges, crevices, and even cracks. Moreover, even if you get the popcorn ceiling painted, the final look can be ugly and unpleasant to the eyes. 

Therefore, choosing popcorn ceiling removal makes it easier to paint over whenever you want without any difficulties. It not only looks better but gives your home that contemporary look most homeowners desire.

Additional Benefits:

Increase Your Home’s Value

Believe it or not, the popcorn ceiling can be the reason why you might not get the asking price if you ever plan to sell your house. Most modern buyers ask for the popcorn ceiling to be removed before they move in, and it can add to your exit cost or lower your asking price. In both cases, you would be the one on the losing end. 

Don’t compromise on your home’s value due to popcorn ceilings. Call us  for popcorn ceiling removal today. It enhances the look, improves ceiling function, and boosts the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. 

Health Hazard

Last but certainly not least, having a popcorn ceiling in your house can prove to be a health hazard. Many of the popcorn ceilings used in Lakeway homes accumulate dirt, dust, cobwebs, and insects. All these things negatively affect the air quality in the home. Therefore, it is important for the health of your family to have the popcorn ceilings removed. Once the process is completed, the result is ceilings look clean and that actually are clean and better for your home!

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